The Spanish Peaks Players

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Coral Anderson

Coral Anderson moved to Huerfano County with her husband Dick in 1985 and is now the owner of Corner Cottage Skin Care and a well-traveled trainer in the Skin Classic technique. While Coral is well-known about town from her numerous community contributions, in “real life” she is a critical care nurse at Denver’s Swedish Medical Center. 

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Jeanine Anderson 

Colorado native Jeanine Anderson was born and raised in Denver but has lived in LaVeta since 1978, nearly qualifying her for LaVeta Native status, too! Back in the 1980’s, Jeanine was part of the original Spoon River Players at what was then known as the Fort Francisco Theatre,.

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Peggy Arnold-Hoobler

Peggy Arnold-Hoobler, a seasoned veteran of the stage, possesses theatre credits far too numerous to list on this page! In addition to being the founder and an active member of the FCPA Show Choir, Peggy is well-known locally from her utterly unforgettable turn as “Louise Seger” in the June 2014 sell-out musical Always. . .Patsy Cline, which she also directed.

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William Beverly

William Beverly is a well-known advocate for school children in Huerfano County. A Virginia native with a Ph.D. in Social Work, Dr. Beverly is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker practicing in the area, a domestic violence counselor and a reporter for the Huerfano World Journal. 

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Shane Clouse 

Shane Clouse first became involved in the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts shortly after he and wife Sher moved to LaVeta in 1996 and has been on the theatre’s Board of Directors for an impressive 21 years!

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Sher Clouse 

Pulling double duty as director and actor in the FCPA’s 2012 melodrama Someone Save My Baby, Ruth, Sher Clouse has been involved with the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts for many years and served on its Board of Directors for over a decade.

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Rae Drury

The FCPA’s favorite “mop lady” Rae Drury became involved with the theatre in 2011 after moving “home” to LaVeta that year. She has now served on the FCPA board of directors for a number of years. 

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Laurie Erwin

Laurie Erwin hales from a local family whose roots run deep in Cuchara and LaVeta. The mother of four boys, Laurie is a well-known LaVeta volunteer who enjoys organizing and participating in community service projects and, by day, works as LaVeta’s Town Clerk. ct data from your collection.

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Mark Erwin

Mark Erwin is a born and bred LaVeta Native (the real thing!) having lived here for most of his life. Married for 20 years to Laurie, Mark is an experienced mechanic who volunteers his time to announce at LaVeta sporting events, referee basketball games, and coach baseball, basketball and football.

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Jim Hoobler 

Jim Hoobler began his theatrical career years ago as a “Carrot Top” in Mr. Brown's garden in Peter Rabbit. As he recalls, he was in kindergarten at the time. He was probably the original "Carrot Top" but failed to make it on Broadway. 

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Haley Hake Jameson

Haley Hake Jameson, like her mother Jill, is a multi-talented musician and actress and has appeared on stage in musical, comedy and dramatic productions. A graduate of LaVeta High School, Haley is an accomplished violinist in the Pueblo Symphony.

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Bruce Johnson

Atlanta native Bruce S. Johnson spent nearly every summer of his life in Cuchara until moving here permanently several years ago. Bruce is best (and, most likely, will be forever) known for his memorable portrayal of “Greg” in 2015’s summer comedy Sylvia.

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Robert W. Johnson

Robert W. Johnson earned his theatre degree from Adams State College and taught speech, theatre, journalism, and art at La Veta Public Schools for 25 years. Thirty-seven years ago Robert directed The Silver Whistle, the first play ever produced at the Francisco Center for the Performing Arts.

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Mitzi Keairns

Mitzi Keairns, a true LaVeta native and one of its most recognized residents, graduated from LaVeta High School and from the University of Northern Colorado then departed Colorado for points east. 

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Bethany La Loge

Until recently re-locating, Bethany La Loge used to spend her day crunching numbers at Huerfano Socials Services, while moonlighting as a mild mannered "Girl Friday" on the side.

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Heather Lee

Minnesota native Heather Lee moved to LaVeta in January 2014. Heather began singing in high school and is now an active member of the FCPA Show Choir. Heather first developed a passion for acting when she appeared in the FCPA’s 2015 summer musical Quilters.

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Stephanie Masinton

Salida native Stephanie Masinton began acting in high school with the Salida High Country Fine Arts Association where she enjoyed performing in Hello, Dolly and Give My Regards to Broadway and participating in her high school drama club.

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Tony Masinton

Tony Masinton is a subject of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, but he’s also a Colorado native. That makes him an official half-Brit! 

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Elizabeth Mason

A true LaVeta native, Elizabeth Mason started her musical career in church and has been singing since the age of five. 

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Jim Ramsey 

In “real life,” Jim Ramsey is a retired aerospace engineer (an actual rocket scientist!) and financial services programming supervisor.

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Kelly Sears

Kelly Sears is a Colorado gal through and through, recently landing in La Veta from the Front Range with her husband and pups, better known as the Os. She is a newbie to the world of theater, other than enjoying productions from the safety of a seat in the audience!

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Di Sortore

Di Sortore has been active in music and theater for a really, really, really long time. More recent theater offerings include the role of “Yente” in Fiddler on the Roof, stage managing productions of Greater Tuna and playing keyboards for The Wizard of Oz and The Sound of Music. 

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Sam Sortore

Sam Sortore’s amazing 30+ year musical resume is too lengthy to include here but just a sampling reveals: (1) He has a M.A. degree in Conducting Performance from the University of Denver; (2) was the Musical Director for Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma, The Wizard of Oz, and The Sound of Music, among others (Castle Rock Players); and Sweeney Todd (Parker Cultural Arts); (3) has played backup for such artists as Jerry Lewis, Joan Rivers, Ethel Merman and dozens of others;

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Tim Tady 

In November 2015, Tim Tady and his wife Angie arrived in La Veta from Oklahoma under the WITSEC program after their neighbors realized they didn't support either OU or OSU football. Surprisingly, 2017’s chapter of Fawlty Towers (“The Germans”) was the first play ever for the former Miss America and Sports Illustrated swimsuit and CoverGirl model.

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Lisa Wagner

Before becoming a registered nurse, Lisa Wagner was a professional musician for some years and boasts a Master’s Degree in Music Performance. A multi-instrumentalist, Lisa played clarinet at dinner theatre events outside Richmond, Virginia, while in college (e.g., Fiddler on the Roof, Oklahoma ).

Image by Andy HYD

Ellen Wyland White

Ellen Wyland White is yet another local resident who can legitimately claim LaVeta Native status. A talented fabric artist who works for well-known local quilters Ricky Tims and Justin Shults, Ellen is perhaps best known for her American tribal belly-dancing artistry, an activity she’s been enjoying for years. 

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Tanya White

Tanya White’s life has been a series of distinct chapters . . . A marginalized youth, followed by an intrinsic ambition to work with troubled youth, an ambition that left room for little else, then an unexpected turn to a rock climbing addiction and, finally, in her 40’s, to love and family. 

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Christopher Workmon 

California native Christopher Workmon spent most of his childhood in Fresno, graduating high school in 1970. After serving four years in the U.S. Navy he settled in Louisiana where he currently resides with his wife Arlene. 

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Maria Wyland

Maria Wyland was born and raised on Long Island, New York, but nearly qualifies as a LaVeta “native” after 25 years in town.

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Mark Worgan 

Mark Worgan is a Brit (a real one!) who grew up in the seaside town of Brighton on the South coast of England. Mark first appeared in an FCPA production as “The Shadow” in the 2015 dinner theatre event Midway to Murder and followed that up with his priceless performance as “Howie” in 2016’s The Old People Are Revolting.