The Francisco Center for the Performing Arts Honor Roll

The Francisco Center for the Performing Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, would not exist without the support of its members and special donors. We thank each and every one of you for making it possible to enjoy theater in little La Veta, Colorado!

Image by Katie Harp - Pinterest Manager


Bud and Marnee Camp 

Danette Chimenti 

Tom Lutgen 

Mark and Cyndi Worgan 

Image by Matthew T Rader


Glitter + (Special Extra Donations)

David and Yolanda Brown 

William and Marnee Camp 

Danette Chimenti 

Ed and Deb Donovan 

William and Agnes Jones 

Sandra Houghton and Bob Hare

Joyce Poe


Dave and Marcia Barclay

Charles Chauvin 

Ed and Deb Donovan 

Russell and Annalee Hickey 

Whelan and Laura Koontz 

Kerry Hoobler-Riek 

Marci and Walt Pelot 

Art and Suzanne Pierce 

Sam and Di Sortore 

Wayne and Liz Stewart 

Image by Katie Harp - Pinterest Manager



Bill and Suzi Brokaw 

Don and Margy Heep 

Robert and Deborah Johnson

Whelan and Laura Koontz 

Miller Family Trust – Marjorie Miller 

Lluvia Musgrave

Susan Paschall 

Jack and Sharon Stockton 

Mark and Tanya White 


All Seasons Real Estate 

Jeanine Anderson and Loren Albright 

Jolly and Chris Burleson 

Rae Ann Drury 

Linda Enochs 

Gary and Kyle Gibson 

Dick and Vera Golombeck 

Ken and Kathy Hay 

Jim and Peggy Hoobler 

William and Nancy Hoppner 

R.E. and Vicki Karper 

John and Marilyn Lambie 

Tim and Peggy McGlynn 

Mary Ann Nelson and Manuel Molles 

Edmund Orsini 

Don and Joyce Pike

Terri Krug and Patrick Sternberg 

Garrett and Nina Sheldon 

Larry and Leah Westmoreland 

Joey and Sara Zimmerman 

Silver Steel Plate


Shawn Bridges  

David and Lisa Cargal 

Nancy Carroll 

Shelby and Gina Jones 

Sam Law 

John and Wendy Lockamy 

Karen Long 

Monica Mc Kenna 

GayLynn and John Millerman 

Marta Moore 

Justin and Janette Tull 

David and Vickie Vogel 

Craig and Tammy Yenzer

Image by Miguel Maldonado


Ginny Carlson

Heather Craft 

Dorothy Mihanovich 

Claude and Pat Savage 

Lynn and Gene Wright 

Maria Wyland